SyncBooster is a flagship product of Ifernatix which helps IT department of different industries/ Software development house to deploy multiple patches in application & database level seamless manner. It supports configurable data synchronization from offline retail outlet. A comprehensive centralized reporting system will be provided to track the status of Sync File/Script/Data.

Salient Features

It enables File Backup process from different terminal across the organization. Terminals can be station or moveable.

It supports LAN & Internet based connectivity. So, File can be transferred to LAN oriented storage or Internet based cloud storage.

Auto switching transfer mechanism based on connectivity. Under the LAN connectivity terminals are transferred the File using local credentials, as the terminal goes outside the LAN, it takes Internet path and FTP connectivity.

Multiple versioning of File, it supports multiple versioning of a File with timestamp. It helps to get multiple versions of single file.

Auto scheduling, one of the key features, helps to control the backup process with a stipulated time frame. It supports Daily/Date wise/Week wise/Month wise / along with time frame.

Section of Multiple working folders, in Agent Service supports multiple selection of Working Folder. Only need to select Parent folder, rest of the sub folder application automatically scans and creates in storage automatically.

Restrict unauthorized files with help of inclusion of File extension. Those File extensions are allowed by admin, can only be permitted to transfer to storage from local terminal.

Centralized Monitoring system, the server module, web portal provides centralized reporting system. It enables the admin to monitor the behavior of terminal remotely. All the transactional details and health of the terminal can be observed centralized manner.

Universal password protection ability helps to control Start and Stop facility in Agent service.

Branch wise terminal mapping helps to identify generalized health check of all terminal.

Realtime reporting, provides Date wise/branch wise/terminal wise details and summarized report at a glance.

Application supports incremental back up, only modified/newly created files will be transferred in storage, it helps to reduce the bandwidth consumption of the LAN or Internet.

WEB portal grants the universal access across the world. Admin can check backup status at any given point of time from anywhere else.

System Requirement
SyncBooster Enterprise Server SyncBooster Enterprise Clients
  1. 8 GB RAM (size will scale up with data volume).
  2. 500GB HDD (7200 RPM).
  3. 100 MBps LAN.
  4. Free USB Port (for hardware lock).
  1. 4 GB RAM.
  2. 500GB IDE HDD (size will scale up with data volume).
  3. 100MBps LAN.


SyncBooster Enterprise Server SyncBooster Enterprise Clients
  1. OS: Windows NT 4.0 Server, Windows 2000 Professional, Windows  2000 Server, Windows 2012 Server \, Windows XP Professional\Windows 7 or 10 (Professional).
  2. Database: MS SQL Server 2000  and above.
  3. Third Party Software: HASP (hardware lock) device driver provided with installation kit.
  1. OS: Windows 2000 Professional, and Windows 7/10 Professional.
1.4 Other Considerations

FTP & SMTP Account is being used for to send & receive File/Mail to the Sync Booster application as mentioned in the previous section.