IFERNATIX SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD. is an international Computer Software and Consultancy Company based out of Kolkata. The company has its operations primarily in India, US, Bhutan and the Middle East, catering to a wide spectrum of computerization in Management and Information Technology.

SMS Ginger is one of the flagship software products of IFERNATIX and it is a complete Enterprise based Short Messaging platform. So far, this has been used by a number of large scale Enterprises and is working satisfactorily in the domestic as well as overseas markets.

SMS Ginger is a packaged software product and hence, it requires minimal efforts for setting up and its running. It offers a rich bundle of functionalities. It can work on its own by using its built-in features or can be integrated with other application software with least effort to further extend SMS capabilities to third party systems and software.

SMS Ginger Our Application Platform is extensively is used by Indianoil, Kolkata Metro Railways, Peerless Group (including their Hospitals), Thomas Cook group, Mindworx Advisory Pvt. Ltd., Amrit Group, Woodlands Nursing Home, TIL Group, Heritage TPA, McNROE Consumers Pvt.Ltd. etc.The platform could also get us associated with satisfied Customers like Nissan Group, Sharjah Ladies Club etc. in the Middle East

Salient Features

Easy and out of the box setup, eliminating complex and costly implementation processes.

Database driven repository for safe and efficient storage of data.

Multiple connectivity options with GSM modems and SMPP gateways.

Simple, yet powerful integration options with SMS Ginger Jobs and/or APIs/WEB Service.

Client-Server model allows sharing of connectivity with multiple SMS client users, thus reducing cost.

Powerful rules engine to setup auto-responders, auto-forwarders in minutes.

Promote a Business Brand by displaying it as the Sender on the recipient’s mobile.

Organize large volume SMS campaigns or promotions.

Standard e-mail client interfaces for low learning curve.

User level access control and usage control.

Shared as well as local address book for maximum flexibility.

Import and export of contacts.

Comprehensive message reports.

Built in help system and rich documentation.

How It Works

SMS Ginger is a “Windows Service Type” application and can be installed on Server/Desktop. It acts as bridge between customer’s legacy application e.g. ERP, CRM, HR & Payroll etc, and SMS gateway provider. The Application provides facility to configure multiple SMS template with combination of static & dynamic (information comes from 3rd party application) word in “Template” master. Such Templates can be scheduled with specific Date & Time/Weekly/ Quarterly/Yearly basis.

SMS Ginger triggers the event with respective template as per schedule. The template is prepared with SMS content with dynamic string of actual information from 3rd party customer’s legacy Software, and it is pushed to SMS gateway provider via SMPP/GSM Network. That is known as “PUSH SMS” Another option to interact with end user is via SMS Query from Mobile. SMS Gingerthrough telecom gateway (Long Code/Short Code/GSM Modem/Mobile) sends predefined SMS content invokes Agent Service, prepare SMS content replacing dynamic string with actual information coming from 3rd party Customer’s legacy Software and push that to SMS gateway provider via SMPP/GSM Network. That is the type “PULL-PUSH SMS” for SMS Ginger.

How does SMS Ginger benefits in your organization

SMS Ginger, Messaging Service, helps to establish transparency between you and your customer by flowing valuable information in time.

Leverage your business by building up brand value in market.

Interactive SMS query system opens a window “no bar communication “channel between organisation and customer.

Inbuilt Ready to integrate mechanism helps organisation to plug in any ERP/CRM/Legacy system with SMS GINGER with a few clicks.

Helps to “Reach to customer audience” in a very low price.

By tracking delivery timestamp SMS Ginger preserves acknowledgement record for future reference.