About Us

About Ifernatix

Ifernatix Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a custom software development company in India, committed to implementing your idea of a perfect software for your business. We make every effort possible & put ourselves into our clients’ shoes to get as close as possible to the idea you have in your head. Our strong research & development teams spend hours of discussions to come up with the best & the most- suited solutions for your business.

Our tailored softwares designed just-for-you serve as nothing less than a launchpad for your business growth. The days of one size fits all are long gone & what businesses really need today is not some off-the-shelf software that requires extensive training for use or requires them to modify their processes accordingly, but solutions that adapt precisely with their existing processes & systems.

Ifernatix is a one stop solution to your custom software development needs, with resources & experts from different fields all under one roof. We carry out our development process in multiple phases where we clearly define and deliver goals for each phase. Our custom softwares designed after deep analysis of your business needs, give your business that much needed competitive edge & help you push your ROI graph. We minutely study your existing IT processes & do the gap analysis to ensure our newly developed system is compatible with your existing one.

  • Vision

    Vision, Innovative thinking and Determination have made Ifernatix one of the very few Indian companies who have made a name for themselves in the IT Products segment in the global market. Ifernatix is the Indian ERP in the SME and mid-market segment of India, USA, Singapore and UAE. Today Ifernatix has installed base and presence in India, Africa, Middle East, S.E. Asia, Central and South America.

    Ifernatix’s Vision is
    • To become India ‘s best and a world-class software package manufacturer.
    • To build an organization that is different; different in its approach to customers, shareholders and employees.

  • Mission

    Our motive is to provide premium quality products and time bounded services to the customers at an affordable cost. We have built ourselves on the key pillars of smart people & smart solutions for business promotion. We have extensive experience in many diverse areas of software development.

    We provide extraordinary services that create value of your business through information technology. In today’s economy, we fine-tune a business model design to deliver uniform client experience. Our customers have always found an integrated business promotion solution more valuable than a simple web presence.

  • Why should you consider having a custom software developed?

    You best understand your business, your target user group & your business goals..All we do is listen & deliver accordingly. Usually businesses suffer from expensive , inefficient IT solutions that fail to meet their specific needs. Replacing such systems with tailor-made solutions delivers far more business productivity. Streamline all your work processes into one system thus saving on precious time. Systems developed using latest technology ensure your business processes are highly market oriented.

  • Our Technology Expertise

    Microsoft Platform
    .NET Technologies, SQL Server, Sharepoint, BizTalk server, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, WCF, MVC and Silverlight.

    Open source
    PHP, MySQL, Linux and Apache.

    Oracle, Adobe Flex, iPhone and Android programming