Mobile App for Help User

Mobile App for Help User

Initiate your sales process and continue with a prospective deal at any time, from any place. Put your mobile phones to work and create new contacts, make enquiries, view status and follow-up with prospective clients. Enhance your sales and ensure success with Ifernatix Mobile Apps.


Make enquiry and follow up from any place and any time


  • 1. Application for accessing from your mobile phone.
  • 2. Access App at any time, from anywhere in the world.
  • 3. Allow viewing dashboard to take smart decisions.
  • 4. Approval at your fingertips


  • 1. Quick and instantaneous decision making.
  • 2. Access to necessary info from your mobile phone.
  • 3. No wastage of time due to 24x7 mobile access.
  • 4. Automatic synchronization with Ifernatix ERP.

Approval Features

  • 1. Preview of pending approval list.
  • 2. Viewing details and history of pending approvals.
  • 3. Approval / Denial of pending document.
  • 4. Real time synchronization with Ifernatix ERP.


  • 1. One-touch access to business data from your mobile phone.
  • 2. Easy access to critical information even without a computer or laptop.
  • 3. Round the clock access from any corner of the globe.

Dashboard Features

  • 1. Viewing sales status of different projects from dashboard
  • 2. Viewing enquiry, availability, collection and payment details
  • 3. Display of total sales and total collections per day
  • 4. Detail display of sales force target achievement
  • 5. Display of most prospective enquiries, lost cases and number of booked properties